Project Info:

The easiest way to remember and share the beautiful blessings of Allah, using AINUN. From the arabic word عيون, means "eyes", Ainun has a simple philosophy as a tool to share any captured moment through muslims' eyes. Ainun is a beautiful photo sharing app designed specifically for creative Muslims to use in their daily routines. Add beautiful calligraphy and inspirational quotes to your photos and easily share them with your friends, family, and fellow Muslims. The simple navigation and elegant interface makes it the best way to share your moments and tell your story.

  • Add effect to your photo with 24 provided filters. You could easily have beautiful photo edited with these filters, choose whatever styles you like.

  • Easily choose your favorite calligraphic art from 10 daily muslim expressions with many gorgeous styles. Made by the real calligraphy artist, beautiful and carefully designed Khat, Chalk, Line and Pixel styles to remember Allah in every moment you share.

  • Make your photo tell its story with 135 beautiful Words and 65 inspiring Quotes for Shalah, Weather, Travel, Hijab, Ramadan, Sunnah, and more. Choose from simple font to artistic hand-crafted typographic styles.

  • Integrated with all the major social networks making it extremely easy to share your photos. You can always update your moment and share it to your friends and families.

Make your Ramadhan colorful and blessed by sharing beautiful stories through your photos, Insha Allah!

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