Our Baby

Project Info:

Keep track of your baby's activities whether you are with the baby or away from home.

  • Record Baby's Activities
    Record feeding, diaper change, play time, mood, bath, sleep, medication, immunization and doctor visit.

  • Timeline
    See all the activities in a timeline. Scroll through the calendar to see all the activities in a day.

  • Growth Record
    Record your baby's height, weight, and head circumference. See all the measurements in a scrollable growth chart.

  • Collaborative parenting
    Add other caretaker as co-parent and get notified of co-parents activities with your baby. You can keep track even though you're away from home.

  • Allergies Record
    Record known allergies, symptom and treatment for further references. Co-parents can easily refer to this allergy record when the next one hits.

  • Dental Growth Record
    Celebrate and record the day your baby's tooth grew!