Gorry Gourmet

Project Info:

Gorry Gourmet is an healthy food e-commerce based in Jakarta, Indonesia, serving a la carte and subscription-based catering service. Through website, customer can purchase and customize their subscription program by adjusting daily calorie intake and choosing menu from the available selection. Gorry Gourmet website also features online checkout, bilingual content (English and Indonesian), personalized calorie quiz, live chat, filters, user account creation, and proprietary marketing program such as referral program, loyalty program, and Gorry Credit program. The website is built using HTML5 and is responsive across many devices.

Gorry Gourmet website is also equipped with a powerful admin and content management system to manage orders, articles, product catalogue, marketing program, issue coupon, user management with multiple user roles, sales report, delivery report, production report, and many others.

Visit Gorry Gourmet website here.

  • Client:Gorry Gourmet