Project Info:

Started as our side project, we design and developed NinjaHemat to provide the latest information on discounts and promotions in Indonesia. Accessible through website, iOS app, and Android app, NinjaHemat offers plenty of userful features such as:

  • Use Nearby Deals feature and find discounts near you. Discounts are sorted based on the closest distance to your current location

  • Have lots of credit cards? Find discounts based on credit card, debit card, or other payment options that you have. You can also find discounts based on categories, shops, or keyword

  • We do the math and display the actual discount so you can decide which promotions really worth your money

  • We always display as much information as possible including the terms & conditions, so you can shop wisely

  • Don’t miss out on discounts! Get notifications for interesting discounts in your favorite categories

  • Read plenty of useful articles, review, and tips to save more money! Our expert penny-pinching ninjas will share their tips on how to save money exclusively on Ninjahemat
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