Project Info:

Signal is an interactive podcast player with the following features:

  • Take-Action Cues
    For the first time ever, you can interact with your favorite podcasts as you're listening to them with Signal's "Take-Action" cues. These in-show action items allow you to connect with the show on a deeper level by putting action items at your fingertips at the moment they are the most relevant to you.

  • QuickPlay
    With QuickPlay, listening to your favorite podcasts is as simple as opening Signal and hitting play. We'll put together a mix of the new episodes from your favorite shows so that you can get going quickly and enjoy your favorite podcasts.

  • Social Media Integration
    Post your favorite podcast episodes to Facebook and start conversations that matter.

  • Curated Marketplace
    There is a multitude of podcasts to choose from and finding the good ones can be a challenge. Signal cuts through the noise by curating a marketplace of thoughtful, well-produced, and engaging quality podcasts.

  • Purposeful Advertising
    Every ad on Signal is tailored to your interests and incorporates our Take-Action functionality to give the ad a defined purpose. It's a refreshing approach to advertising, and you'll feel the difference.

Signal iPhone app is built using Objective-C by Dihardja Software for Signal Enterprises, Inc.

  • Client:Signal Enterprise Inc.