Why You Should Consider Building Mobile App for Your Business

In today’s digital era, people are becoming more familiar with various digital services, ranging from online taxis, online loans, online shopping, and many other services that can be accessed easily through our mobile phones. According to Emarketer (2018), there are more than 100 million Indonesians who use smartphones and this number is estimated to continue to grow over time. Therefore, as a businessman, it is wise considering to take part in this digital revolution. Check out the following 6 reasons why your business needs a mobile app.

  1. Be visible to customers all the time

The average time spent daily on a phone, not counting talking on the phone, has increased in recent years, reaching a total of 4 hours and 23 minutes as of April 2021 (Statista). Add in the fact that people check their phones a whooping 96 times per day (that’s once every 10 minutes!). That’s a long time spent on a device that’s becoming increasingly inseparable for people’s lives. Now imagine that your mobile app is installed in the users’ smartphone. Every time they open their mobile phone, they are bound to see a glimpse of your brand there in form of an app icon – 96 times per day. You’ll get a lot more brand exposure than placing advertisements on the side of the road or in a television show. Take advantage of this to get the attention of consumers by designing application icons in such a way to make them look more prominent and easy to remember.

2. Have direct marketing line to customers

Mobile applications can serve many functions for your business, from providing general information, facilitating online booking, to purchasing goods or services. The advantage of the mobile application is that any information that you want to convey to consumers can be shown directly inside the app. You can also broadcast information to your consumers through push notification – which tends to have 50% higher open rates compared to email or SMS-based marketing.

3. Offer convenience for your customers

Through mobile app, customers can easily access your services or purchase your goods with just the touch of a finger. Users can simply click on the app icon to launch the app and get access to your services, without having to remember complicated URLs. Most developers are honing their process so that customers can complete their purchase in just a few taps. The more convenient your app to use, the more likely user will use it frequently, and frequency builds habit. So by offering convenient ways for customers to access your services, you will be rewarded with more transactions and more sales for your business.

4. Increase user engagement

User engagement is highly correlated with overall profitability. Highly engaged users are more likely to buy, return, and share the product or service with friends, which in turn allows businesses to make more money from the product or service with ads, subscriptions, or sales. Mobile app has a lot of ways to keep your customers engaged throughout their purchase journey, you can build a reward program, giveaways and sweepstakes, or other gamification strategy to keep user coming back to your app. This will develop customer loyalty and allows you to collect valuable customer insights.

5. Stand out from the competition

Customers tend to utilize services that are more accessible. They will choose being able to transfer money from anywhere using a mobile app vs. having to go to the bank. Hence having your services accessible through mobile app can set you apart from other companies in your industry and especially attract more tech-savvy customers.

6. Build customer loyalty

Building a custom mobile app is the best way to implement a loyalty program in practice. It will encourage people to purchase more, help you personalize the customer experience, build a strong relationship with every customer, and constantly stay connected with your customers.

In conclusion, mobile application can be a powerful tool for your business if developed properly. Aside from digitizing your existing business, you can also experiment with new business model and reach out to a younger, more tech-savvy demographic. However it is very important to conduct market research and plan accordingly before deciding what features to build for your mobile app to be successful.


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