June 1, 2021



Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Kulit dan Kelamin Indonesia (PERDOSKI) plans to create an app to help manage treatment of psoriasis.

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    PERDOSKI and Novartis

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    UI/UX Design<br/>iOS & Android Development<br/>Web Backend Development

Using technology to manage psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune skin condition that speeds up the growth cycle of skin cells, leading to red, scaly, thick and dry patches. Psoriasis can occur on the skin anywhere on the body. Some patients also experience itching, burning and stinging. This non-communicable skin condition has been experienced by about 2 percent of the total world population. Although psoriasis still cannot be completely cured, the occurence of this disease can be well controlled with proper treatment. This spurs an idea for Dr. Endi Novianto, SpKK(K), FINSDV, FAADV and his team at Kelompok Studi Psoriasis Indonesia (KSPI) to create an app that could help doctors diagnose psoriasis more accurately and also help patients to track and manage their symptoms for a better quality of life.

The Psonesia apps

Working together with specialist medical doctors from KSPI and backed by Novartis, Dihardja Software helped design and develop Psonesia app. The app has access for doctors and for patients. Doctors can use the app during consultation session with patient to input diagnose and prescribed therapies, as well as to fill in Psoriasis Area Severity Index (PASI) and Quality of Life Index (IKHD) to measure the severity and progress of the patient’s psoriasis.

The app also has access for the patients, who can access their medical records from a consultation record from doctors. The patient can also independently track how their disease is responding to treatments by frequently filling up IKHD questionnaire. Patients can also access myriad information and articles regarding psoriasis so that they can be well informed and treat their condition better.

How Dihardja Software helps?

We were so proud to work together with the team at KSPI and Novartis to bring Psonesia app to life. In commemoration of World Psoriasis Day every October 28, Novartis Indonesia together with the Indonesian Psoriasis Study Group (KSPI) and the Indonesian Association of Dermatology & Venereology (PERDOSKI) held a Virtual Media Class with the theme “Psoriasis, More Than Just a Skin Disease” and at the same time launched Psonesia app on Thursday, 5 November 2020. Head of PERDOSKI R. Dr. M. Yulianto Listiawan, Sp.KK(K), FINSDV, FAADV hopes that through the launch of PSONESIA application, it can provide public awareness about psoriasis and helped patients better manage their condition.

  • UI/UX Design for Psonesia application for doctors and patients
  • Developing iOS & Android applications using Flutter
  • Developing admin CMS using React.js
  • Developing web backend using Node.js
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