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Dihardja Software helps healthcare providers develop customized healthcare applications to streamline hospital processes, promote preventive medicine, and improve patient experience and quality of life.

What We Can Do

Dihardja Software can help you design and develop bespoke applications for healthcare and fitness industry. We’ve had experiences working with hospitals, healthtech startups and fitness influencers to ship apps that’s been used by thousands of users around the world. Here are some of notable features that we’ve built:



Enables patient to consult with healthcare professional via video conferencing and chat at the comfort of their home


Health Tracker

Monitor and track various aspect of patient’s health and fitness, such as blood sugar level, activity level, food, and many more.


Integration with IoT

Integrate your app with wearables such as smart watches and connected health devices such as blood glucose meter.


Prescription Purchase

Allow patients to purchase prescription medication easily with online payment and same-day shipping integration


Health Program

Create custom health & fitness program containing educational article, videos and more to help patient’s achieve their health goals.


Healthcare Portfolios

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