Omnichannel Communications

Deliver seamless customer support for happy customers

Today’s savvy customers use multiple communication channel such as email, social media, and chats to reach your company. Responding to customers in all these different channels can pose a real challenge for your customer support team. Thankfully we have a solution to manage all customer inquiries through one omnichannel communication platform.

Omnichannel customer service​

Handle customer inquiries from Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp all in a single dashboard. Prioritize and route customer inquiries to multiple agents.

Customizable in-app chat for your business

Chat with customers right from your app, add bots and frequently asked questions (FAQ) section to help answer commonly asked questions.

Add custom chat functionalities to facilitate chat between buyer and seller in your e-commerce marketplace platform, or chat between delivery courier and customer in your logistics app.

Automate messages using Whatsapp Business API

Broadcast messages and send automated messages for status updates, one-time password and more through Whatsapp.


Powered by

Freshworks suite of Freshdesk omnichannel CX, Freshsales CRM and Freshservice IT desk makes it fast and easy for businesses to delight their customers and employees.

Taptalk enables customizable messaging for your businesses, such chat between customer and merchant in a marketplace or chat between customer and driver in a ride-sharing application.


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