May 1, 2021

Jakarta Aquarium & Safari


Jakarta Aquarium & Safari needs a website redesign to emphasize their new safari area and provide more up-to-date information to visitors.

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    PT Jakarta Aquarium

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    UI/UX Design<br/>Website Development

Get to Know Jakarta Aquarium & Safari

Jakarta Aquarium and Safari (JAQS) is the largest indoor zoo in Indonesia hosting over 3500 species of animals in almost 1 hectare of areas. The zoo consist two floors and twelve zones comprising aquatic habitat and a more recently introduced safari habitat. Their previous website has all the information in one-page format with dark blue theme that represent their aquarium floor. However since they recently introduced a safari area and a new logo, the JAQS team wants to redesign the website. In redesigning the website, the JAQS team also wants to increase the time people spend on the website by providing more information about Jakarta Aquarium and Safari and ultimately increase conversion rate. Being able to easily update the information on the website is also essential for them, since operational hours and availability often change frequently due to COVID-imposed restrictions. Lastly, they want to appeal to their visitors base who are mainly families with young kids, group of friends and couples, with a bright and vibrant look on their website.

How Dihardja Software helps?

Responding to Jakarta Aquarium & Safari’s team goals and concerns, we conducted several user interviews to get user’s feedback about their existing website. From the interviews and brainstorming session, we come up with several suggestions and ideas to achieve their goals. We break down the one-page format into multiple web pages so that each unique experiences in JAQS can be explained more thoroughly. We also created a dedicated page for ticket information and promotions, so customer can buy ticket with confidence through the website. Our design team also came up with a bright and vibrant combination of blue and orange colors to emphasize not only the aquatic habitat, but also their new safari habitat. Lastly we rebuilt the website using WordPress, which has built-in content management system that the team can easily access to update the website content more frequently.

  • Conducting user interviews to gather insights about how the user use the website,
  • Redesign of the website and the sitemap to decrease bounce rate and increase conversion,
  • Content writing in English and Indonesian to give more information to user and increase time spent in website
  • Website development using WordPress
  • Ticket purchase page development using React.js
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