When to Outsource Your Mobile App Development

You’ve been planning and thinking about developing an iOS or Android app, and finally you’re ready to take the leap. But now who will develop the app for you?

If you have the technical skills and the resources required to develop an app, then good for you! You probably won’t need any outside help. However, most of the time you’ll benefit from outsourcing your app development to a company that have the expertise to make your app come true.

Here’s when you need to consider outsourcing your app development:

1. You Don’t Have Technical Skills

If you have no technical background or not familiar with app development landscape, outsourcing your app development makes a lot of sense. You’ll benefit from having an expert lay a good foundation for your app. When your app is built with best programming practices and scalability in mind, it will be much easier to improve and maintain the app in the future. A good development company will also gives you suggestions and share best practices to improve your app.

2. You Have Tight Deadline

Usually startups are time-pressed to quickly develop their first MVP (minimum viable product) to present to investors. These investors need to see your product right now. If you don’t have the resources to quickly whip up an app for you, usually an app development company will be able to develop your app with faster turnaround time. They can dedicate more resources to work on the app so it will be completed faster, albeit it might costs more to do so.

3. App is Not Your Core Business

If your core business is not technology and you are only developing an app for marketing or promotional purpose, then chances are you don’t want to spend money to hire an in-house developer, designer, or backend developers. Outsourcing app development becomes a cost-effective solution that would allow you to save costs in the long run.

Ready to outsource your app development? In the next article, we’ll discuss how to choose a great app development company so stay tuned!


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