September 1, 2018



Hippo, a consumer electronic company, wants to develop a mobile app to reward their salesperson and enable customers to claim product warranty.

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    PT Inti Cemerlang Selaras

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    UI/UX Design<br/>iOS & Android Development<br/>Web Backend & Admin Site Development


Hippo is a consumer electronic brand in Indonesia selling accessories for mobile phones such as cables, power bank and chargers. Hippo products are sold in most mobile phone stores as well as in e-commerce platforms. To better incentivize salesperson selling their products as well as rewarding the consumers who bought Hippo products, Hippo team approached Dihardja Software to help them develop Hippoku mobile application. Through the app, consumers can claim warranty of Hippo products they bought and be enrolled in lucky draws. At the same time, the salesperson who sold the product will also get rewards that can be redeemed with various prizes.

How Dihardja Software helps?

Together with Hippo team, we designed the Hippoku app for both consumer and salesperson as well as redesigning business process since implementation of the mobile app also requires all Hippo products to be equipped with a unique QR code that can be scanned using the app. Once the design is ready, we developed the mobile application, backend API, and the admin CMS.

  • Business process design for claiming warranty and reward points for salesperson
  • Designing a user-friendly UI/UX for Hippoku mobile app
  • Developing native iOS & Android applications
  • Developing web backend using Node.js and admin site using AngularJS
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