March 1, 2022

mGanik Care


mGanik Care is a companion app for patients of mGanik Care Clinic, a clinic with specialization in diabetes and metabolic diseases

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    Mganik Care Clinic

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    UI/UX Design <br> Mobile Application Development

Companion app for mGanik Care Clinic patients

mGanik Care Clinic is a clinic specializing in diabetes and metabolic diseases. As treatment for diabetes requires lifestyle changes, mGanik Care Clinic wants to develop a mobile application for patients to track their blood sugar, food, and daily activities. Through the app, patients can also consult immediately with medical professionals via chat without having to wait for a long time at the clinic.

How Dihardja Software helps?

Dihardja Software starts by designing the mobile app for mGanik Care Clinic. Together with the clinic team, we designed a mobile app for patients and web portal for admin. Once the design is completed, our development team starts their work by developing the mobile application, website, and the backend systems. Since we only have three months to develop the app as the client wants the app to be launched together with the clinic grand opening, we decided on developing the app using Flutter.

  • Designing mobile app for iOS and Android and web dashboard for admin
  • Developing native iOS & Android applications using Flutter
  • Developing web backend and admin portal using React.js and node.js
  • Integrating Intercom for chat between patient and medical professionals
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